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A staff of 19 persons divided as follows :

  • 2 Senior Naval Architect & Marine Engineers
  • 1 Junior Naval Architect & Marine Engineer
  • 2 Interior Architects
  • 1 Senior Technician
  • 2 Secretaries
  • 11 Technical assistants

In assistance we use our referential outsourcing and we achieve a total workforce of about 100 persons.


computer support

As en engineering and design company, Studio Engineering S.r.l. heavily invested in software and hardware tools in order to fulfill a broad range of specific customer requirements, and continuously guarantee the highest standards for the design products.

An extensive experience cooperating with different and variously organized Shipyards and Shipbuilding organization has helped Studio Engineering in the management of digital information, exchange of data with different software systems, and various vertical solutions coping with eventual customer operational limitations.

Being able to fulfill the highest standards in software performance while remaining capable of cooperation with small organizations not IT oriented guided us in the design and implementation of a complex, fully functional, hardware and software system.

All the maintenance operations are performed with internal personnel, all the software configuration and variations are evaluated for impact on the complete system.

A list of currently running systems and software follows; please keep in mind that even if not listed here, we have gained a considerable experience with particular dedicated Shipbuilding software and computer procedures.

server rooms:

Apple Mac OsX - XServer - Primary Communication System and offsite backup storage.

Microsoft Windows 2003SP2 Server + - Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server

Secondary Communication System and internal central data storage.

ARCServe Backup Manager + offsite backup.

Completely unattended Power Management System, with dual redundant UPS and relevant AutoShutoff/AutoRestart system devices.

Currently running hardware in Server Room includes four multiprocessor IBM XSeries 34x and 36x, all of them with IBM Proprietary RAID 5EE Storage System.

A secondary site continuously connected with dedicated high speed data link guarantees high availability operations.

Communication System is based on Mac OSX Servers and SonicWALL PRO UTM Appliances.

A multiple auto-failover/failback connection to different ISP assure reliable and continuous operations

workstations & onsite operation:

Windows XPSP3 standard PC

Bentley Microstation VX, with SelectServer centralized license management is installed on every workstation

Complete Office file format interchange.

NAPA/NAPASTEEL System implemented with central data storage and central license management.

Autocad file format, up to current release

FEA Castalia Sargon Modeller and Solver

All the major Bodies and Classification Societies' Rules and Regulations kept online locally, in current release. (RINA, LlRoS, GL, ABS,MCA, SOLAS,IMO).

Proteus Engineering FastShip, General Hydrostatics ( GHS ), Nauship 3D Surface modeling software, Rhinoceros.

Project Management Software: Open Workbench and in-house developed tools.